Tarek Omar

Tarek is the CEO and founding partner of TAB.

Tarek was an experience of over 20 years in testing and commissioning of MEP system, specialized in HVAC, as a mechanical Engineer.

In 2009, Tarek was the first Egyptian to be certified by NEBB in testing adjusting and balancing, and generally in any other disciplines. In addition, he completed the project management diploma in AUC in 2006.

“I believe that the Testing and balancing or commissioning people are like an orchestra maestro. No one can feel the conductor’s presence, but the orchestra cannot perform without him. As an engineer, the reference and standards are the basic of thinking and acting. NEBB gave me the chance to standardize my work based on global organization that is known and respected by all who work in the field. For me that means that you can develop yourself and your business without any need to go outside NEBB.” Tarek said to The NEBB Professional 2016 - Quarter 2