Air Measurements


ACCUBALANCE Air Capture Hood

Used for: Measures air volume flowing through registers,diffusers, and grilles

Quantity : 32

ACCUBALANCE Air Capture Hood-

VelociCalc Rotating Vane Anemometer

Used for: Measures air velocity and temperature, calculates flow rate, performs averaging, and can determine minimum and maximum readings

Quantity : 28

5725 VelociCalc_Rotating Vane (2)

DP-Calc Micro manometers

Used for: Takes HVAC pressure measurements and can be used with Pitot probes to measure duct velocity

Quantity : 54

DP-Calc Micro manometers for Takes HVAC pressure measurements

TH-Calc Thermo hygrometers

Used for: Measures temperature and humidity

Quantity : 27

for Measures temperature and humidity

Clamp meter

Used for: Measures amperage and voltage

Quantity : 52

for Measures amperage and voltage

Tacho meter

Used for: Measures RPM for rotational equipment

Quantity : 41

for Measures RPM for rotational equipment

UWE scale HS-30K Hanging Scale

Used for: Measure door force, in stair case pressurization test

Quantity : 2

Hanging Scale for Measure door force


Used for: Measure temperature for water and air

Quantity : 5

Testo for measure temperature for water and air-